Controls on Android are bad

I have recently bought a new phone (pocophone f1) and I wanted to install cc I had cc on all my devices it worked fine but there is an update that made the controls very very bad on Android beside moving my character around I can hardly click any button I have been told it's because of the full screen mode on my device I try to turn it off but cc is automatically set to full screen (cc is in the "these apps work perfectly with fullscreen" section but it does not how can I turn it off? Or how can I fix this issue


  • Go into settings before you enter the game. There is a setting in there for full screen on/off and also for you to set your resolution size. Hope it helps your issue.
  • There is a chance that when installing an app through Google Play sometimes it says below your download progress bar "This app may not be optimized for your device" this could be it. Hope it helps.
  • I've been having the same exact issue! Ever since I've tried playing this game on my new phone (The Essential PH-1) the controls have been horrible. Though, when I try to play on my older phone (LG V20) everything runs fine. I have a feeling that it has something to do with notched Android devices. Hopefully this problem gets resolved soon.
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