CC has LOST Players?! and Why!



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    Too many businesspeople in the game. Many of us noticed that people in our friend list often tp and the first thing they ask will be "Do you buy this?" or "Hey do you know how much is this? " and then after we answer them, most of the time they won't talk further and will just leave the place. Furthermore, Mods are almost completely gone. I think they don't come to solve problems nowadays, because they are too "busy" or they lost interest of the game. I know they have their own lives too, but their absence makes the game lack liveliness. As always, the items in store are overpriced. If there are more comfortable ways of earning cubits scammers would cease to exist because there's no need. I believe people are just too obsessed with money which ruins the whole point of the game - meeting new friends, chatting, enjoying. Maybe the moderators are not entirely at fault. They lost interest because the game was itself too boring.

    AND for those who said many games ruined the game community, it's not their fault. If Cubic Castles were better than games like Roblox or Fortnite, or if it were at least special, people would definitely choose Cubic Castles. It's all about difference.

    Sounds like you need new friends in game.
  • Edition said:

    So ALOT of you have seen that CC has lost a few players, right?
    here are a few reason that I, personally believe they have dropped.

    1. SCAMMING!
    this is the most obvious one on this list, but, it's true.
    When an individual is scammed it means someone nasty has tricked them into taking their cubits.
    This often results in people Quitting or never trusting people again!


    The biggest solution would be to be AWARE of ALL scams. As i saw in another post ''if something looks too good to be true then it probably is''.
    Also, if you are scammed try get evidence of who it was so they can be banned or have actions taken upon them.

    2. The sudden rise in items prices and shops all becoming higher prices.

    so like, recently i've seen NO cheap//reasonable prices shops on the market. why? because everything has rose in prices, pretty much every pack item.

    Affect on New players:

    this may cause new players or even older players who like marketing to give up and quit because they can't make cubits!


    there is barely any reasonable solutions for this.

    3. Inactive Moderators

    not trying to say anything personal to anyone or anything, but there have been less active moderators recently.
    you may think this has no affect? well it does.
    with less moderators online, scammers are likely to not be found out and more people will be scammed and leave the game.


    possibly hire more moderators.

    4. Fortnite

    Sounds weird? i think not.
    With the recent games like Fortnite, PUBG etc alot of people have left the game to play them games instead!

    Affect: less players.

    5. Drama//Bullying//Mean Messages etc..

    Drama is one of the unnoticed things that make people quit. recently a good friend of mine moved on from the game because they had mean comments said towards them.

    Solution: Try be more calm, if someone wants to start an argument just tell them no, or ignore them.


    try follow all the rules and don't scam, get in drama or be tricked by anyone! it sounds a bit demanding but if you're careful you'll never lose cubits!

    Main reason why people are leaving is because of school, and for me, im not sure about anyone else, its Finals week and we do have to study for that.

    #1 - Scamming is everywhere, not just in games, but in real life. Yes, i understand being scammed sucks, but if we just leave games because of scammers, no one would play any games. Because 9/10 games have had at least 1 scammer and that 1/10 are new games that are just starting to build a player base, but soon, will have scammers.

    #2 - No one can control this, unless they have a lot of money to just manipulate the price. Prices are based on how many are in circulation, how rare it is to get and if its in the shop, how much. Everyone has to work for their cubits. The shop is a place were prices are high, but normally if the price in the shop is like the clanstone for example, 20k, there ismost likely another person selling for cheaper.

    #3 - Something going around everywhere. I want to just say one thing about this, Moderators are people, and they do have lives for them self.

    #4 - No one can really do anything about this.

    #5 - They added a /ignore command for a reason, and there is also a report button for if things get worse. I really don't want to hear the "Well, the report button doesn't work" because it does. It sends it in for any staff member to look through and handle, if it isn't serious, they will most likely put if off and look for more serious reports, such as life threats, ect.
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    I think more recently, the problem has become the offline mode. When players consider quitting cc, the thing that often keeps them around is someone or a few someones on their friend list. Likewise, players who are considering returning log on to see if any of their friends still play. Because people have the ability to appear offline now, those types of players immediately log off since it seems like there is no one to talk to.
    I understand what Sir Kewberth was trying to do with this update, but I think it's safe to say it backfired. People wanted to be online but not able to be fast traveled to, but what we got was an artificially dead social aspect that is creating a truly dead game if left unchecked.
  • He stated that the feature will be expanded on and made more complex to better cater. When the option is available like the ability to filter ones friend list it will become better. I personally rather have this option than not. It is hard to mine and do things like build in public contests if everyone is tping to me. I do see potential drawbacks but the person gain is worth it :D!
  • Admin should make.. an event that make by system after an hours.. i ve suggest this before.. but its look like no one interesting.... just add more block.. and more stuff.. people just online just like 2-3 days and they go off back.. the game will dead
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