Clockwork Garden Academy

Hello and good day to my fellow qbees! To begin I want to thank those who helped me in this project by providing labor, insight, company, and other invaluable resources. I present to you my most ambitious and grand creation in CC yet, Clockwork Gardens! It is an educational academy and learning mecca for those who seek enlightenment. It is a sprawling underground complex that stands as a testament to what one is capable of building if they have the determination.

To access the build you will need to go to Coral Cove, as you first walk in there is a door with balloons indicating it is the correct door to enter. It is a room, not a realm thus you will not be able to find it via search bumper. Once in the build you will need to use the many doors present to access and fully explore the build. All doors are safe to use and will not lead you out of the build except of course the one your used to first enter.

Did I mention there is a prize machine with fun prizes :D! Now to find the prize machine you will need to find a bookcase with a book called "Miner Infraction", dive head first into reading it and you may just get swept up in the story. Please give me your thoughts and feedback!


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