Marshka's Birthday Building Competition! (RESULTS!!)

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The contest is now over and the last bit of my birthday event is done. I was so lucky to have so many participants and I was amazed by all the incredible buildings you guys made!

The judging was hard.. but I finally have the results (after being very busy these 2 days)

First Place (lvl 5 Pumpkin Pet) goes to:

Cheshire Alice

Her building of a pilgrim suited Qbee with a unicorn coming out of a gift box was just amazing.

Second Place (Headlessness) goes to:


This building was just truly adorable, a Qbee coming out of a box with a lil cake on top. So cute :3

Third Place (lvl 49 Elf) goes to:

Mr. Granicus

Out of all the amazing birthday cakes built, this one was my favorite. The peaceful and harmonic colors just gave me a soothing feeling.

Congratulations to all winners!


As I told many times, I did not judge nameless builds. So if you did not have a name on your building by the time I closed the rooms, your build was not taken into consideration while judging.

Getting your prize

I will personally deliver the prize for you when I see you online

Getting your c back

If you left your own piggy onto the plot, you will receive the 1k in there after the rooms reopened.
If you didn't, I will personally deliver your cubits back when I see you online.

Getting your stuff back

I will remove all the 1-week bumpers, and to prevent any scamming and renting other peoples plots, you have to contact me in order to rerent your plot for 10c for 1 day.


If you did not build anything on your plot, you will not get your cubits back, because I feel it was unfair of these people to rent a plot and not build on it, when others couldn't join due to the plots being full. No exceptions on this one.

Also if you did not write your name on the plot, I might need to rethink about you getting your stuff back, since there is no proof it is your plot. Exceptions might be made.

I do have to say that this week is super busy for me, so please be patient with the cubits and getting your stuff back. Everyone will get everything back that has been promised. So please don't spam me with messages everywhere about your stuff..
When you see me online, feel free to tp to me and ask for your stuff.



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