How about we have First person perspective in the Game

I was facing some problems in builds which has multiple floors, if there was multiple floors the blocks above blocks our views. And we use fadey foam to make us visible and that makes the realm lag a lot. this is one big problem many people face in the game. If there was a TPP/FPP toggle switch we done need to worry about that. just change to Fpp in view and this reduces the use of foam and reduces the lag.

I think this is worth an Update, Dont you guys?

Vote ur opinions and comments.....


  • JuIiusJuIius Member
    edited December 2018
    This would require a ton of extra programming and then feel like minecraft.
    So I say no..
  • If it was easy to implement then I wouldn't be against it. Our cameras were locked at a camera angle that made it really difficult to build. Then we were able to unlock our cameras by defying betamax which was a game changer for me. I think there would be uses for a first person perspective when building.
  • I’m gonna be honest, even though requiring a lot of programming, yes. This could count as a major update, and I’ve been having problems with that aswell, and it requires a lot of faded foam for some of my builds, though, in these builds, it would count as FPP only so for people who don’t like that, they might not visit it.
  • I’d say they’d add the “ Zoom “ that way we can go look on it on a closer angle.
  • lucaaa795lucaaa795 Potatoe's worldMember
    edited December 2018
    First person perspective is more or less impossible to add because the game was built on the idea that a block has textures only on 5 of the 6 sides. The bottom part lacks any texture and is not meant to be shown. I would say that it's a very massive project if they decide to try it. I honestly love this 3rd person god-like perspective much much more than the 1st person.
    It's like turning gta 2 to 3D from the original 2D. It'll be a mess
  • elemental godelemental god The netherlandsMember
    Would be nice but like luca said all blocks in the game has no bottom textures so it would require a lot of programming
  • I don't think first person is a good idea because when I tried out Minecraft,I had a lot of difficulties while building a house. It would also ruin Player vs Player games as well because you would die without noticing. Let me explain for you: When you are happily playing PVP in first person. You wouldn't notice a random flame flying behind you and then you die. Oof. It would also take a lot of time to program meaning that it would lag pretty badly for low-end computers. It would be even worse for mobile...
    So it's a -1 for me.
  • if it was easy to do then heck yeah, but that would take forever, so no :c
  • I think the ego perspective would break CC's atmosphere.
  • There is no possible way you will ever see this in cc.
  • valyreena said:

    I’d say they’d add the “ Zoom “ that way we can go look on it on a closer angle.

    Now this can achieve what some want to do with first person, just add the very much needed option to zoom out and zoom in with the camera, it would add so much to the game without taking away from the cc viewpoint, and it’s achievable
  • UU Member
    This would require adding a texture to the bottom of every single block in cc. -1
  • ^
    And be exactly like minecraft....
    All games don't have to be alike :P
  • UU Member
    I say we have first person but it’s upside down so it’s different from every other game.

    And be exactly like minecraft....
    All games don't have to be alike :P

  • If it had a message with: Warning, has no bottom of texture

    I think it would be worth it :3
  • No thanks but good try -1.
  • I think it would make it too much like minecraft.

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