Temporary ReCube Items

DsBerrypawDsBerrypaw Member
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I was thinking that some certain things should be added to the ReCube items list during specific seasons

Autumn leaves/bushes - fall

Random food items - Thanksgiving

Chocolates and spring grass - Easter

Wuvva Blocks - Valentine's

Firecrackers - New Year's

Just a few things. Perhaps I'll add more as I go.


  • JuIiusJuIius Member
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    This is a great idea lol
    Firecrackers can already be gotten from purple cubes.
  • UU Member
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    No, they should just be Craftable.
  • CosmicSnailCosmicSnail Member
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    Everything except spring grass +1 but no spring grass
  • DsBerrypawDsBerrypaw Member
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    U said:

    No, they should just be Craftable.

    I'd like that too.
  • Alvin AdlerAlvin Adler FamiliarMember, Familiar
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  • Cubed CubesCubed Cubes Member
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    You know what. That would be nice. I never use my fireworks or firecrackers cause from what I recall that costed a bit of cubits from the Cubit Store to get .-. They look nice... But I like to collect things...
  • Cubed CubesCubed Cubes Member
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    eagence said:

    I do liked +1...

    But I don't think it will be done...

    Same. I do believe the team that modifies the game do read these, but already have THEIR*** own plans compared to most suggestions that just wouldn't fit.
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