Midnight Bear's Yuletide Pack Suggestions

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Gingerbread Clothing (ADDED!)

Brown Shirts and pants, with stripes and small white dots.

Elf Clothes (ADDED!)

The shirt could be green with white edges, while the pants would be red.

Gingerbread Lady Head

Just like the Gingerbread Head, But with long hair made out of gingerbread

Ice Crown

A round icy crown with little light blue gems in it

Ice Scepter

An ice staff with a snowflake gem in the top

Winter Umbrella (ADDED!)

It's a white umbrella with small light blue snowflakes in it

Winter Backpack

A white backpack, perfect to go exploring!

Winter Scarf

A white scarf with a blue snowflake in the back

Winter Wings

Angel Wings with a light blue color

Snowflake Balloon

It's a white balloon in the shape of a snowflake

Present Balloon

A balloon in the shape of a present

Xmas Present Costume

It would be a red gift with 2 eyes, maybe this costume can only be found inside the pow gifts!

Fluffy Coat & Hat

Not only are these items very fashionable, they are also very comfy, they have fluffy edges

Yeti Shirt and Pants

White fluffy shirt and pants, also can y'all fix the Yeti Head? It has some graphical issues

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Ice Furniture (ADDED!)

Dark blue furniture that could include a Throne, a Table and a Chest

Decorative Pow Gifts

These pow gifts won't explode, they are just for decoration

Carved Ice Blocks (ADDED!)

Ice blocks with a snowflake pattern in them

Xmas Lights (ADDED!)

Colorful lights to be hanged on walls!

Xmas Candles

Comes in sets of 3's with different sizes

Toy Box

A wooden box filled with presents, like the box of blocks but better

Elf on a shelf

It's an elf on a shelf :o

Polar Train

A cool Train-like vehicle for you to ride, Choo choo!

Polar Bear Pet

A small polar bear, the kennel could probably be a little igloo

Christmas Eve Stamp

A night stamp combined with a light snow stamp!

❄️❄️Did you liked my ideas? comment your favorite one!❄️❄️


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