Many of us have seen the discord cubic bot and those who have played thimbleweed park know how convenient it is to have a guide bot by your side.
So here’s my suggestion
Kill the learning centre (already dying)
Add cubic bot as a feature when you press esc.
This will not only help in crafting but also in knowing prices of stuffs so that noone gets scammed because of unfair trades

@SirKewberth @CosmicCow


  • Welcome more lag for mobile devices :)
  • It isn’t always laggy. Play thimbleweed park ;)
  • chief12 said:

    It isn’t always laggy. Play thimbleweed park ;)

    The bot loads every element of teh concerned recipe, and even some realms are laggy for some mobile devices. If you add that bot, you just add lag into it.. Sure a bot would be useful, but in terms of efficiencyness, that would be limited. Some recipes would need to be added by the devs theirselves, who didn't updated the Learning center yet. Also, searching for a recipe with the bot can be tricky as some might not remember the name of an item, do some typing mistakes etc.. while it's easing to walk and find the item in the LC :)
  • Rip mobile players
    I'm on pc so I rarely ever lag xD
  • I have a pretty new phone so I dont lag.
  • Most of my devices don’t lag, my sisters phone, my iPad, my pc, but my phone does lag, like a lot :/ but this shouldn’t be a case of lag if it is fetching everything online...
  • This could be used to charge a lag assault if loads of people simultaneously start pressing the bot button in unison whilst jumping and stuff in, in an already laggy realm this would most likely crash people's devices
  • UU Member
    Very few mobile devices lag anyways unless they’re over theee years old.
  • SarcoSarco Member
    edited November 2018
    I've had mine for 2 years in .... 4 months. But the actual device release was 2011 xD
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