News!: Most trusted Rental Realm!

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According to the survey, 89% of Qbees voted Pen's Yard Rentals as the most trusted Rental Realm. Pen's Yard Rentals is a Realm where Qbees can buy and sell their products. It was built by *PENDRAGON* on October 2, 2016. It is visited by 6,918,411 Qbees (Six million, nine-hundred eighteen thousand, four-hundred eleven), almost 510 Qbees visit this realm everyday! This realm is open for about 2 years now and the owner can get 240 cubits from ONE plot. This is the longest business opened followed by Towtowtow shop that was popular back then.
This is a great place for newbies to start their business! *PENDRAGON* said, "This realm is Dedicated to all the Qbee Visitors that made this possible"

(Got scammed before? Contact me!)


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    Excuse me what the heck is this
  • CubicNewsCubicNews Member
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  • SarcoSarco Member
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    Add some REAL news. I've heard this a billion times
  • CubicNewsCubicNews Member
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    ok. I will add Sarco
  • dealwithit37dealwithit37 Member
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    No shots sherlock, everyone has probably heard this before XD
  • ThuggieThuggie Member
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    Oh boy I got on my computer just to write this.

    1 : These are not news, we all know pendragon's rentals.
    2 : Where the hell do you get your statistics from ? Always put your sources.
    3 : That last sentence "Got scammed before ? Contact me". From what i can tell you're acting like an investigator, like you could solve any victim's problem.
    It's not your job.
    Other option is that you could share awareness through your "Cubic News", about those filthy scammers. That would just mean publicly shame people, + You can't even be sure they made anything wrong, since you're not a mod, you're not from the staff, you can't verify those claims.
  • drakaydrakay Member
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    Wow Reviwer 2018 :0
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    Wow such new news
  • JackFuryJackFury Member
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    Most useful news ever 10/10 would read more
  • Rogue ThingRogue Thing Member
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    #FakeNews and where are these statistics and info coming from?
  • NoeNtNoeNt Member
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    And may i ask something, why so much hate for what he is saying ? Since he likes what he is doing dont judge him.
  • Mr. SharkMr. Shark Member
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    noent said:

    And may i ask something, why so much hate for what he is saying ? Since he likes what he is doing don't judge him.

    agreed. let him do his own thing, if you're gonna complain at least rephrase it in a constructive-criticism sorta thing
  • Elemental godElemental god The netherlandsMember
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    I like that you do this, but perhaps it would be better to do stuff that is less known
  • kokopellikokopelli WV, USAMember
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    What’s your sources?
  • UU Member
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    #FakeNews and where are these statistics and info coming from?

    Kokopelli said:

    What’s your sources?

    Probably the information bumper in the realm that has the visitors, blocks mine, etc.

    Also, 10c per plot for one hour, 24 hours in a day. 240c per plot. (Assuming they mean per day).
  • Log_erLog_er FamiliarMember, Familiar
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    Pen makes over 2.5 million idle cubits anually just from his rentals alone :O
  • CubicNewsCubicNews Member
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  • UU Member
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    26 plots on bottom floor.
    20 plots are typically rented.
    10c/hour of 240c/day.
    240x20= 4800c/day for all plots.
    4800x365=1,752,000c per year
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