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You know i haven't really...uhh done this in a while. I said i was going to not draw much anymore because i don't think anyone really likes my art and i was trying to change my style, but i thought why not...

SO if you like my art then you came to the right place.
I'm doing art requests again.
But this time...for a price lol
I thought others are doing it and i got a lot of good feedback on some art so im kind of confident in this.
Here's prices.
Since my art normally takes an hour or 2, prices vary.
I'm starting to attempt semi-realism, it's not too good right now so the price will not be extremely high, but since it does take me a while to finish this type of style, it will be more than anime. (I hope that's alright)

Qbee - 300c
Anime - 450c
Chibi - 400c
Semi-Realism - 500c
Profile picture (qbee) - 250c
Profile picture (anime) - 400c
Profile picture (chibi) - 350c
Profile picture (semi-realism) 450c

Hope you guys don't get angry with the prices.

All you need to do is:
Tell me the style you want (qbee, anime, ect.)
Tell me the hair, the length, colour, bangs or no bangs
Tell me your cubic castles outfit, (some clothes i cannot draw and im sorry for that)
Tell me the pose and i'll see if i can draw it or not, if i can't draw it i will tell you
Examples -
Anime -

Chibi -

Qbee -


Thanks! ~Fluffy

Finished requests vvvv
+_+King_Jabrio+_+ (Above for the qbee example)


  • Could you lower the prices a little bit..?
    I mean, i actually love your art and style, is pretty cute, and i would like to do a request..., but i think you should lower the price just a little.....
  • Yeah you should lower it a little more. Great work though. Keep it up!
  • I don't think the prices are that bad, it takes time after all
  • yeah you right , it takes a lot of time , so price nit bad.
  • Fluffy 303Fluffy 303 Somewhere Over The RainbowMember
    I dunno, i just kind of went with the prices my friend told me to put up, because they sold their art for those amounts. I'll wait a week or so and if i get no requests i'll lower them.
  • Fluffy 303Fluffy 303 Somewhere Over The RainbowMember
  • YakrooYakroo Somewhere In The Milky WayMember
    Lower it to 1k pls XD
  • 'Ello!
    Are you still doing commissions? I've been stalking the forum and got interested xD
  • If you still taking requests... Now I want one...

    The Qbee... And that's It I think.... Thx... And sorry for complaining about The price...

  • Fluffy 303Fluffy 303 Somewhere Over The RainbowMember
    Yes! I'm still taking commissions! I (hopefully) will not be busy for 4 days so i will have enough time to work on them.
  • SnuggySnuggy Member
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    Style: Anime
    Hair: Casual straight hair, dirty blonde, shoulder length, no bangs.
    CC items: Pink floral crown, wuvva shirt, wuvva umbrella, heart wings, heart glasses, pink tutu and bunny tail.
    Pose: Anything 'girly' will do

    Feel free to add/remove items! Lemme know if you would like screenshots or more info, and how you'd like to receive the cubits ♡
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    I finished your drawing, i can send you a friend request on cubic castles and you can pay me there.
    And Snuggy, i should've mentioned this and i apologize for not doing so, but how my pricing works is for now i will draw your art and then you can pay me after.
    Thank you~
    @snuggy i finished your drawing, i will add you in cubic.
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