Item Bar Issue

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My inventory bar will not lower all the way! I deleted the app and reinstalled it and it was still there. HELP!


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    Same, I'm using a galaxy s8 plus
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    There is a thread on this subject matter already with a response from Kew.

    First the link to the thread:

    Second Kews response-

    "Ok so.. This is a bit of pain for us as well, but the reason this is happening is because new iPhones (as well as many android devices) have started to monopolize the middle area at the bottom of the screen there with OS ui stuff. Specifically a wide bar that you drag up to minimize the application.

    What that means is... if we didn't force the inventory up a half notch, on some phones/devices (and we can't easily even check which!) you would not be able to access your inventory easily. So we moved it up slightly.

    Moving it up also moves other popup ui elements up, which causes the top bit of the anvil crafting to go offscreen (which was made large to let you guys navigate the list easily). That hides the X as you've noted. Now I believe you can just drag the whole panel down a bit by dragging to the right of the craft buttons. Let me know if not."
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    Same problems on some android devices
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