I guess I'm back

After suffering from something I am back, better than ever irl, however alot worst in CC. Although I've lost a lot (I've got about 150c and am starting a mining business to make money) it makes me fell...nostalgic. Being able to be a noob again, it feels great, not waiting 60 full minutes in Pens yard rentals, and being able to mine instead (Maybe that's what stressed me out)

The worst part is that I've made 2 mistakes with 2 people, and I want to apologise for them.

1st of all, the less important one, but still important. I wand to apologise to Marsha, I promised that I would do something, and I failed, so apologies for that Marsh.

The most important one is MGN_AlmightyBacon. We go back awhile, and we fell out. The items from our store were somehow robbed, and we blamed each other. I lost a friend that day sadly, and although I will miss Bacon, he could've been the spider keeping me in the Web.

Anyways, if you see me around, make sure to say high :)


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