I broke my arm

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Hey, have you ever broken your arm? If yes then u know how it feels, if no then.....LUCKYYYYY. Let me just say ITS SOOO BORING u can’t go out to hang out with ur friends or play any sports or heck scratch your own arm!!! (I have to ask my sister to do it :3). It sucks soooo much cuz each time u move ur arm u feel a shock of pain and u can’t type with both fingers from your arm instead u can only type with one (how I typed this lol). And it is sooo awkward to sleep cuz ur cast is bent and you can’t find a good position for it. And EACH time you see some one YOU HAVE TO EXPLAIN EACH AND EVERY TIME HOW AND WHEN IT HAPPENED. If it’s not the arm you right with there goes ur excuse to skip school, I broke my left I write with my right, and my school only gives us P.E once a week (on tuesdays) and I can’t play cuz of my arm! Sudden movements of ur arm hurts, you can’t play anything on ur device ( I use an iPad) unless it’s only chatting or it only needs one button/ joystick to play I can only watch YouTube and atm I’m into animators like Theodd1sout, Jadien animations, ItsAlexClark, and LetMeExplainStudios, the bad thing is they only post ONCE A MONTH I kinda just need suggestions.


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