What Type Of Qbee Are You?

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Hello Every One, In This Disscususion U Are Going To See What Type Of Qbee U Are :D

The Good Qbee:
So This Is The One That Makes A Lot Of Giveway And Makes Happy Everyone, For Example,He Giveways 5k, Next Day 3k And That Many Times And That Also Helps New People And Care About His Friend.

The Bad Qbee:
This One Is The Person That Scams A Lot And That Insults Player, Mods And Admins! He Say Bad Things About Everything And Everyone And We Should Probably Aboid This Type Of Person Because It Just Ruin The Game.

The Newbie:
This Person Is A Starter Have Been Playing For A Short Time, And He Need To Lear The Basics So If You See One That Ask For Help Be Good And Help Him But Be Careful There Are Some That Are Alts And Make That Lots Of Times To Win Things.

The Pro:
This One Is The Person That Have Been Playing For Lot Of Time That Has A Very High Level And Have A Lot Of Money, This Ones Are Mostly Popular Around The Comunity.

Normal Qbee:
This Person Just Plays But He Dont Have Anything Special.

Strange Qbee:
This Qbee Is A Bit Of A Weirdo He Makes Silly Things.

Noob Qbee That Thinks He Is Pro:
This One Is Very Anoying, Because He Calls Everyone Noob And He Is The Noob One.

The Pupular Qbee:
This Qbee Is Very Popular On The Community And When Pleaople See Him They Are Like Whoa!

The AwayFromKeyBoard Qbees:

This Are The Qbees That Leave Their PC or IPad Open All Night And You Are Like Saying Hi But They Dont Answer (Very Anoying Ones)

The Trading Noob:
This Is A Noob Qbee That Is Tp-Ing You Asking You For Buying Things

Wich One Are U From, U Have A New Type Of Player!
Say It In The Coments!



  • b3achyb3achy Member
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    None of the above...I don't do giveaways; I don't scam; I have been playing for a little over a year, so not new; I have reached max level because I mine a lot, but I'm not popular nor super duper rich.

    I am just a qubee, who likes to mine and sometimes build. I think that just makes me a regular player of CC.
  • BonariBonari Member
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  • Log_erLog_er FamiliarMember, Familiar
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    I'm middle class
  • JuIiusJuIius Member
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    I have played a while, have been able to make a lot of c, don't do giveaways very often, as people are too greedy. I would say I am a mix between 1 and 4 lol
  • Farts Of FuryFarts Of Fury Member
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    I would say pro but i also hate being called pro so ima say an experienced player. Also i do giveaways but depends if i jave extra money or stuff.
  • UU Member
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    1.. Have given away at least 2 million cubits worth of stuff

    4.. Been playing since 2014 and have 2 easter umbrellas (and a lot more) wouldn’t call myself popular though. Also, I have two level 60 accounts and three accounts around level 30.
  • Log_erLog_er FamiliarMember, Familiar
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  • TranTrietLamTranTrietLam Member
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  • lucaaa795lucaaa795 Potatoe's worldMember
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    Freaking buzzfeed quizzes are taking over these forum
  • lucaaa795 said:

    Freaking buzzfeed quizzes are taking over these forum

    All pls download buzzfeed and rate 1 star pls
  • JuIiusJuIius Member
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    This kinda doesn't have anything to do with anything lol.
    Maybe a poll instead?
  • Senza FineSenza Fine Member
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    I'm a dead qbee. Simple as that. Don't do much in-game and i don't play very often. Don't care about economy, i either make money with resources or just buy them. Just wanna have fun but end up getting upset cus of greed or/and offensive behavior. Das it really.
  • DsBerrypawDsBerrypaw Member
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    b3achy said:

    None of the above...I don't do giveaways; I don't scam; I have been playing for a little over a year, so not new; I have reached max level because I mine a lot, but I'm not popular nor super duper rich.

    I am just a qubee, who likes to mine and sometimes build. I think that just makes me a regular player of CC.

  • nian niannian nian Member
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    A high-ish level qbee that is extremely poor but has good items but doesn’t sell them over being clingy :^)
  • rageanragean Member
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  • DrokeDroke Member
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    I am a white qbee.
  • Chief SoloChief Solo Member
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    So I never gave away stuff except to my friends neither did I scam anyone
    You May call me a newbie as I aint much aware of all that’s going on
    You May call me playing for a long time as I joined back in 2015 :p but not actually a pro because I’m just level 21 and I have just a little cubits
    So that makes me
    Regular-good-ish-experienced-newbie qbee
  • 13.40 Karma
    I'm The Poor One :D
  • 27.60 Karma
    Im the normal qbee
  • SarcoSarco Member
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    I'm the one that's been playing since idk.. the 1st or 2nd Christmas pack and is still bad at making money and looks up to the people he used to look down on when they were new :P

    I know it sounds complicated :/
  • PiousPious Member
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    I’m a narcissistic beggar.
    Have any spare doors?
  • 41.05 Karma
    I think Im a good Qbee and experienced Qbee, I like to talk to my friends and Im playing for 2 years now, exception is, I never do public giveaways and Im not rich.

    Actually I am a Qbee who cant take jokes and types IN ALL CAPS and thinks he is better than the community.

    Actually I was kidding you forget these spoilers please .
  • rayverrayver Member
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    Experienced Qbee
  • edited September 2018 43.20 Karma
    Not pro, but not newbye
    not good, but not bad
    Not normal, but not weird
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    I think u should add some more type of qbees, I think i'm a "weirdo" Qbee for example
  • EditionEdition Member
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    LateCom said:


    *checks Youtube Livestreams*


    *checks cubit balance*





    is this bragging or what?
  • MiwkyMiwky at your house stealing your Peanut butter jarMember
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    I'm a newbie, my level is bugged :P gimme clothes plox
  • ContumasContumas Member
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    I'm nub who thinks he's pro xD
  • HophHoph Member
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    Pro Q. I've been playing since 2014 so I'd say I've experience. I've a decent amount of cubits. I'm Level 25. Not much of a high level. I don't mine much. Would that check all the boxes of a professional QBee?
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    The Bad Qbee.
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