How much time do you spend playing Cubic Castles?



  • I play like 100+ hours a week rip my life
  • mine varies too much but over all my accounts ive got just under 4000 hours on steam in almost 2 years
  • if its per week then i used to play 25h+ a week if its per day then anywhere from 2 hours to 12 hours a day but now i play like 30 mins a week see if any good friends are online etc
  • 1 hours becouse game is boring when you are poor :(
  • 6 hours i guess not sure but at least thats how much time I do in cc is: Defend my friends + clan members like false accusing scamming situation (doesn't happen much) and i work for c or join just for fun
  • My main Steam account has 1.5k hours, combining my Steam alts, windows version of CC and android I'd say thats an additional 500 but I couldn't tell you for certain. This of course being said the Steam hours also include times in which I've been AFK from the game. I used to play the game quite regularly but lately to be honest I haven't been playing it all that much, the daily measure of time in which I play is quite arbitrary.
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