Cubit Quest Buff

As you might know all cubit quest you complete give you 50c each but some quest are quite unfair. For example, mining 24 silver ore will give you same amount of cubits as it would if mine 40 silver ore. If buffed cubit quest then the categories might look like this, also it will make the community less b r o k e

20-30 Ores = 50c
31-40 Ores = 100c

5-10 Blocks = 50c
11-20 Blocks = 100c
2-10 Furniture = 50c
11-15 Furniture = 100c
(if anyone would like to give suggestions to this post feel free to do so)


  • Already suggested in the past but this is slightly different (it was different level of quests who can reward more and more c) why not
  • +1
  • How about, after level 25 you get the choice of the "Easy" (50 cubit) "Hard" (100 cubit) quests each day. With a choice between the two.
  • darkpqdarkpq Member
    +2 bacause let's say when we get the cubic quest that is craft Especific amount of mecho-spikes they use a lot of time and materials its fells more balance of there giving more cubics, or like complete a proud map gain 100c or someting like that
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