Check Please!

I have made a brand new course and it took me only 1 hour to make but for now we are going to pretend that i took months to make this. So, i have spent months working on this parkour and it is now done, and it has to be one of my all time hardest and best parkours. Many people have said i dont use enough checkpoints so i have decited to use more checkpoints in this course, to be a little more kind. But i recommend bringing an umbrella because it is very stormy because if the true power of this course. This parkour will require perks such as Super XP, Mad Hatter, Spindizzy, and the one key perk to beating this course is the Attractor. Good luck to all! Im not sure what the grand prize will be (im not sure if there will be one). Oh and the name is Check Please!

I think im gonna turn into a turkey now...


  •  SirGalaxon SirGalaxon Member
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    I finished it, definitely the most difficult parkour of all time! :O gg!

  • MotivationMotivation Member
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    I finished it, definitely the most difficult parkour of all time! :O gg!


    Oh the irony xD
  • CreepuBCreepuB Member
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    Man you guys have no idea how much money i put into this. I feel like its under appreciated
  • DsBerrypawDsBerrypaw Member
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    I loved it if that makes you feel better. It's the only parkour my sister could finish. I had to complete the blue course for her XD. So thank you?
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    I tried the first part only because I suck at most parkour, but I think the difficulty is good. I only took like 5-10 min of my time because I kind of quitted the game, but I hope I get back my will to play soon so I can fully enjoy your and other parkours :)
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