The Chaotic Course

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My newest parkour that I have spent a while working on is now done. I have spent over 15k making this (not sure why) but I think it turned out well. The parkour has 8 different stages, each stage with its own unique theme. There is only 1 checkpoint that can be found at the start of Stage 5. I made this parkour a little differently so I need to make sure there are no bugs or no way to cheat, as this course in not always going upwards. This is intended to be a hard parkour, so I might buff some things that seem too easy.

The hardest part of the course in my opinion is the beginning (stages 1 - 4). This parkour had been fully verified by iCantiWill, so this course is fully possible!

NOTE: there are no prizes at the end but there was a grand prize for whoever beat the course first. The winner of the grand prize is iCantiWill. Great job for being the first to complete the course! The winner of the second prize is The Death Reaper. Congratulations!

If you ever want to try this out, all I have to say is Good Luck.


  • Instant update: made a nerf to the very beginning, now matching the average difficulty of the whole course. Tricky, but not impossible
  • Loved every part of it! Glad i participated
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