Chose you’re path.

Make a story by answeing the previous person’s question. Then make you’re own question. Ex:
QBee 1: Once upon a time, there was a cave. Do you go in the cave? Good
QBee 2: Yes. I find 3 i in the cave. Which tunnel do I go through? Bad
QBee 3: Tunnel 3. In tunnel 3, I find a big diamond. Should I take it? Good
QBee 4: YES! The diamond was cursed. What should the curse be? bad
QBee 5: The diamond is extremely heavy! I try to grab the diamond, yet fail to pick it up. What should I do? Good
QBee 3: Roll it! I roll it out of the cave, and into a jewel dealer. The dealer is buying diamonds at the moment. What does the dealer do? Bad

and on and on, until one of the 5 following endings are reached. 1: The character dies. 2: The character succeeds, and is safe (rich, magical, ect). 3: The character is stuck (prisons and stuff like that). 4: The character is transformed, and can’t do anything. 5: The character is mind controlled. Don’t try to end it fast. Try to let the character survive, and do risky things. But remember, after 3 times the story COULD end, a ending must happen. Like pretend that the character firsts gets infected, yet survives. That is posible end #1. Then he is hanging over a pit of lava, yet climbs back up. Posible end #2. Then he breaks a vital bone, yet survives. Posible end #3. Then, let’s say, the character gets poisoned, then he dies. No escape. Put the following things at the end of each comment.
Near end count.
Either put “bad” or “good”. If the person below you commented “bad”, the you comment “good”, and vise versa. Bad people endager the character, or be neutral. If the near ends is 0, you don’t have to count them. If you are good or bad, you can be neutral. Only good people can end the story, unless if the only option, which is on a bad person’s turn, they can end the story if it will certainly result in a end, or the near end count is at 3, and there is a high risk of death. Remember, make sure to follow the forum rules.


  • There is tunnel, that has been forgotten. Should I explore it? Good.
  • I find a map of the tunnel, but there is writing at the bottom. Should I read it? Bad.
  • iKONICiKONIC Member
    Yes, the writings say "Look behind and death will come to you." Suddenly, you hear footsteps behind you, should I look behind? Good
  • You run further into the cave, only to hear someone, or something inside. Do you continue, or keep going? (What is the bad/good part for? I'll just put something to do my job, but is it describing the next outcome?) Bad
  • Roxie01Roxie01 Member
    edited May 2018
    I explain the bad and good part in da post. Anyways, you go down the tunnel and ur mother is following u. She throws the cane. Does it hit? Good
  • yes it hits and you get knocked out for 20 minutes. bad
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