The Cubic Castles Race League (ENDED)



  • Will there ever be a season 2?

  • My time
  • b3achyb3achy Member
    Still bumping into a lot of sides, especially up the corners of the pyramid...My best time so far this week: 1:31.79
  • WhimsicalFireflyWhimsicalFirefly Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
    So many sharp turns and going up those corners is just crazy. Hoping to find some more time this weekend to get better but for now this my time.

  • took some time but I got 1:29:09 :D

  • WhimsicalFireflyWhimsicalFirefly Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
    Thanks *SnowyOwl* for the tips and advice on this track. :)

  • Best of luck to all of you, kinda sad seeing will drop back a spot last second though, was hoping to see him pull through

  • Welp it’s ok, something happened last week and i totally forgot to post, grats on second place tho
  • Space_FetusSpace_Fetus Forum Moderator, Game Moderator

    dfg.jpg 165.6K
  • Nice last track! 00:48:21

  • valleyvalley Member
    last track! woohoo
  • A (quite literally) blindingly beautiful way to end this season

  • I am not sad about losing second place, i’m sad that this is the final week, thank you everyone for helping me especially Bluejay, thank you space for not making me bored on cc. Love you all and good luck!

  • My time. Great job guys on the league. And special thanks to space for his hard work!
  • *SnowyOwl**SnowyOwl* Member
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  • b3achyb3achy Member
    Beautiful realm, but not a fan of the overhead visual blocking while racing. Not a great time, but heading out of town tomorrow and probably won't be back in time to improve on it (especially since I kept falling in the water tonight and had to leave the realm to get out of my car about 3-4 times). My best time this week: 54.07

    Thanks to Space for an awesome Race League and all the hard work to put it together! Thanks to all the racers for the fun, competition, and tips along the way. Congrats to everyone who made it to the end! That took a lot of commitment and accountability! I hope there is another league eventually, but maybe a little shorter like 4-8 weeks instead of 26... o.O
  • Just a teensee weensee faster
  • 'ForgetMeNot''ForgetMeNot' Member
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    I dont have time this week! Great 6 month or more racing everyone!
  • WhimsicalFireflyWhimsicalFirefly Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
    I can't believe this is the final track. The past 6 months have been so much fun! I've met some really great people which is an unexpected bonus. Thanks for all the tips and encouragement each week. I started off a terrible driver and thanks to several of you, I have improved a lot. Congratulations to the winners!! Spend those cubits wisely ;)

    @Space_fetus - Thanks for another great was a long one but worth every minute I spent on the tracks (even the not so great ones..haha). Question of the day....will there be a season 2 of the CC Race League?!

  • valleyvalley Member
    Had fun, was a great event!
  • Again, thank you Space for all the hard work you do in these events. And you're welcome @iCantiWill :D
  • Thank you all for being such great competition, really looking forward to a Season 2 (maybe next time fetus can post videos based on it)

  • Space_FetusSpace_Fetus Forum Moderator, Game Moderator

    Congratulations to everyone who made it to the end, that's a huge achievement to stick this out for 26 weeks! Thank you all for proving that people love racing in this game.
    So here are the final standings!

    1. Bluejay_1: 910 pts
    2.Sugarcat101: 899 pts
    3. iCantiWill: 867 pts
    4. Lucaaa795: 855 pts
    5.WhimsicalFirefly: 791 pts
    5.*SnowyOwl* 791 pts
    6. Valley: 780 pts
    7. Creative Symphony: 728 pts
    8.B3achy: 719 pts
    9.Joystick 656 pts

    Bluejay_1,Sugarcat101 and iCantiWill if you would like to come find me in game or declare a tip piggy and i will reward you with your prizes!

    Everyone else, considering how many people dropped out from the beginning it doesn't really make sense to award the statistic prizes i had previously decided on. So everyone who enters will win themselves a sportsmobile. I believe i have you all as friends at this point so just come find me (or i you) and you can receive your sportsmobile. If i don't have you added just let me know and we can get that sorted.


    Season 2 is currently under consideration, if you would like to provide feedback on ways we could improve things etc that would be much appreciated!
    Thanks again to everyone.
  • Thanks for season 1! Loved it!
    I would love to see season 2, season.1 was already good, the reason why people stopped is maybe they got bored. But i never did neither did Sugar and Blue.
  • Almost 7 months..
    tears fell from my eyes.

    Would be happy to see another season going :)
  • GG to all! Looking forward the season 2 =)
  • Piratax10Piratax10 Member
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    why i didn't stay in season 1 until the end?
    serious real life problems, i don't wanna to comment.

    will i join season 2?
    idk, im scared that i will be unable to play for one or more months again and lose so many tracks...

    was season 1 fun?
    i really did enjoy the tracks i did play, but i still dont think i will be able to try to join again...
  • WhimsicalFireflyWhimsicalFirefly Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
    I can't believe *SnowyOwl* and I tied in the end! Happy to share 5th place with him :) Congratulations again to everyone that made it through the whole season!
  • *SnowyOwl**SnowyOwl* Member
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    We are the champions, my friendssssss *dun dun dun*, and we'll keep on fighting till the end, *bum bum bummmmm* we are the champions, we are the champions, no time for losers, cause we are the champions... *bum bum* of the world

    Great job everyone :D
    We made it to the end! We are the champions (of the race league)
    congrats to the winners :D
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