The Tinker Course (Update)

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I have just finished building my very first parkour ever! I call it The Tinker Course, and it gets the name because the parkour can be located in the arctic side of Tinkerworld (overworld). So if you ever have any spare time on your hands maybe you can try it out!

UPDATE: Loads of people have complained about the checkpoint and the fact that there is not enough, SO, I have added a brand new checkpoint, now making that 2 checkpoints in the whole course. The new checkpoint can be found after the wood stick part, and i feel that is pretty fair. Possibly i will add more checkpoints in the future only if i get more complains again.

One last thing. People are getting mad over the fact that i buffed the course but when i made this course, i wanted it to be very hard but when i finnished making it, it just wasnt as hard as i wanted. I wanted a course that could take hours for me to complete. I didnt want an easy course that i could beat in seconds and just forget about. So im sorry if you dont like my creation, but i promise when i get the money for a new course, it wont be as hard as this one. Thanks for understanding and wear a seatbelt. (I just found out i could edit a discussion)


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    Bump! People have tried it and told me it is too hard to see the platforms with the blizzard. So I have nerfed the whole course and added a light snow instead of blizzard. Go try it out now, the prizes are getting cold!
  • I tried it. With the blizzard
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    UPDATE: The Tinker Course has been buffed and now should be 2 times harder than before, now requiring perks such as Jumpman, Brawny and Speed Demon. First person to beat the buffed edition of this course will win a Zombie head AND a Roman helmet (just for fun). And there is still no blizzard, im keeping the light snow
  • LateCom said:

    i think you should add more checkpoints...


    Nah! c:
  • LateCom said:

    i was at the wood post part, there was no checkpoint in sight..

    Well, you were half way to the first and only checkpoint so dont give up!
  • UPDATE: Prizes have been moved to pretty much the beginning of the course, just need to reach the 8th platform of the course, but the best prizes goes to the first person to complete the whole course.
  • Bump, added a little more information. This may be my final bump soo...
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    Saw your course in the lobby, ended up finishing it lol.
    Apparently I'm third since BrandonXflame bumped 2nd.
  • Saw your course in the lobby, ended up finishing it lol.
    Apparently I'm third since BrandonXflame bumped 2nd.

    Brandon only beat my original version which was easier than the buffed edition, so you were the first to beat the buffed one.
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