One Above All Daily Parkours ( Restarted! )

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As many of you may know, we attempted a parkour event last month and things were going smoothly for the first few days, until we encountered some people using lag and cheats in order to gain an advantage, due to this, from now on, any times that have been cheated will lead to the person being completely disqualified from all One Above All events.
This run will be no different from the previous with a parkour being changed daily, the time at which the change occurs will remain the same at 00:00 Cubic Time or 8 AM Uk time.
The parkours will be found in the realm One Above All Daily Parkours and you will know which is the current parkour as it will be the one with a checkpoint block above it.
The event works in a point system, the fastest time will be rewarded with the most points:
1st Place - 4 Points
2nd Place - 3 Points
3rd Place - 2 Point
4th - 10th Places - 1 Point
Moreover, there will be a guestbook at the end of each course, bump it even if you don't get onto the timer as 3 random numbers will be picked to win a hat pack. Furthermore, at exactly 00:00 there will be 3 prizes in a dispenser at the end of the next parkour, the first to finish it will get bonus prizes.
The person with the most points after 28 days will receive the 1st place prize
This thread will be updated with the standing scores.
The event will start on 1st July 2018 at 00:00
Now, Prizes.
Prizes for this month will be as follow:
1st Place: UV Shades
2nd Place: Starry Scarf
3rd Place: Cupid's Wings

- If you spot anyone cheating please report it to me immediately via this thread or PM.

The current leaderboard:

Sir. Porto - 4 Points
Valley - 3 Points
Zoddy - 2 Points
Eagence - 1 Point
LopakioStyle - 1 Point
Grus - 1 Point
LateCom - 1 Point
LukeNash - 1 Point
Excelsius - 1 Point
-JoyStick- - 1 Point


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