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An item in the cubit store (maybe 2.5k) that allows ppl to talk across realms, even in chat groups. It is an item, not a block. Double click it to use. The phone has 3 options. 1: Send message. 2: Check messages. 3: Chat. In chat, the person’s name who sent a message is displayed. Ex:


|Qbee 1: |
|Hey. |
| QBee 2: |
| Yes? |
|Qbee 1: |
|Want to buy my |
|hat? |
| Qbee 2:|
| What is the hat? |
| |
Add to group.

(Phone image got messed up. Screenshot below)

Then they can scroll down to veiw more text.
Message is shows all the messages (NOT CHATS) people have sent you. To message, you type in the person’s name, then the message.


  • DrakayDrakay Member
    I think this could be very useful but the spam will be a very important thing and in the phone there could be a mute button or idk
  • I don’t see a use for it since it a person is afk. And you decide to spam. Even if you are wealthy person on CC. This would most likely cause more rules. More rules less fun.
    However if this I added there should be a limit of 5 per pack
  • It will be like forums messaging. How about a block feature too? And also, the phone can go across realms.
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