who can tell me how to play cc in pc without steam

x Zhix Zhi Member
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I find that when I tap Windows Installer It must use steam to play cc.Do it must use steam to play? If not how should i do?


  • GreensCubeGreensCube Member
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    So from now on basically, if you want to play Cubic Castles on a computer (PC), it is now only supported through Steam. Otherwise saying yes, you must use Steam to play Cubic Castles.
  • RaizusekuRaizuseku Member
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    The standalone version has been discontinued. So, you HAVE to use steam to play unless you want to play the android version using Bluestack or some other emulators for Android which I don't recommend doing because it's just way easier using Steam.
  • Cub the CubicCub the Cubic Member
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    Steam is only 100 MB or something. Maybe you can squeeze a little bit more space?
  • WuffyWuffy Member
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    There is one way to play Cubic castles in PC without running steam
    I don't know if this is allowed.
    Edit: I think i should ask the dev first.
  • WuffyWuffy Member
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    *Internet connection problem*
    Sorry for duplicate
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