Cubic Castles Language

It would be cool if in this game there will be other languages: for example there will be 1 volounteer for each language and he will translate all the game items and seetings.
I'd like to translate for Italian language (:
What do you think dear qbees, mods and admins?


  • nice for others to understand and learn english, but why not
  • Yes we only kinda have English. Since English being the main language. But he +1
  • +10
  • +1! Dang it Zerik you beat me to it! I was gona say Italian!
  • barbara_wbarbara_w Member
    edited June 2018
    +1 yes would be very helpful for players who started and don’t understand English.
    but i also think that the person needs to be trustful since the translations have to be correct
  • ZerikZerik Member
    Barbara is right
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