Compass Bug

Sorry to be that guy, but i encountered a bug using the compass.

When you first stand on soil with seeds planted it shows 97 on the compass as shown below
But when you Jump it shows 98, picture below.
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  • The base of a realm or room is ninety nine with ninety eight being the correct number because you are one block up. With it showing the ninety seven while on the soil it may of been because of the sprinkler or it factors in plant growth height. Most curious, silly compass.
  • Yea but why does it change everytime i jump? (97,98,97,98,97,98...)
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    Because you are changing in the are jumping up one.

    ETA: Ooppsy, I get it, it should decrease one. (Going to take me a while to remember that it's a backwards z-Axis.)

    Maybe it perceives the seeds as being a full block, but when you jump up as you are still in the 98 block area (because they aren't a full block), it goes back to 98? Would it do the same with flowers and mushrooms?
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    Kew also stated that with the coordinates based on where one is standing will not always read accurately as the system is picking you up being in another block zone.
  • Turns out it is any block! Doesn’t matter if i am standing on a soil with a planted seed, i will attach a video below
  • Will is like I am not crazy *hair flip* ahahaha.
  • SirKewberthSirKewberth EdenForum Administrator, Forum Moderator, Game Developer
    Yeah.. It's something I don't find so confusing, but I understand for players how this seems wrong. I will attempt to normalize it for the next patch if possible. It's just slight variations in the spot your standing. You z position is determined by your feet. So are you RIGHT EXACTLY on the ground, or just a tad below or above.

    It's a little hard to explain. Like are you at 98.0000 or 98.00001 or 97.99995 etc.. and that can change the reading. When computers add up numbers they're not 100% accuate the way real numbers in math are. They're just "close" and accurate to to certain number of digits. So as you jump several subtractions and additions are happening to your z position and by the time you land it can vary where you are. There's also some stuff happening in the collision part of the engine that can tweak the numbers as you move around. To add to that some of the vertical position effects in the game are PURELY visual. Like when you sink in mud you don't actually sink... we just draw the qbee a little lower etc...

  • Sorry your compass is not working properly. I hope it didn't cost you and cubits like the broken things I encounter do.

    Here, have a laugh at this picture.
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