New items suggestion

Guys!! I was wondering if the developers add (Warriors pack) in game so what are these packs containing?
There can be swords,spears,shields,armors,more helmets and etc. It would be fun if the devs add these in game
We could have much more fun in pvp xDD


  • *Joystick**Joystick* Member
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    why not
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    If that so why not guns too and more harming materials and better than wands :)
    btw +1
  • HispanoHispano Member
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    +1 yea its a nice idea to play pvp
  • Night_WingNight_Wing Member
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    *=Peck=* said:

    +1 yea its a nice idea to play pvp

    We can have clan wars ;O 15v15 xDD
  • AuTiMaTICAuTiMaTIC Member
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    it will be so fun with these features <3
  • $uperplayz$uperplayz Member
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    -1 jk +1 xD
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    I think them dont add swords , shields , whatever , because everyone has a small delay for see the other moving ,it can be small...

    the wand we have '' the lucky '' or '' ability ''

    but,I wanted to see all those things,clan's wars shoud be soo OP +1
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