POSTPONED!!! HELPFUL PIRATE SOCIETY PvP'S ARE BACK! Next Flash-Build Pvp = Saturday May 26!

Aye we are doing our fun, entertainin' n MESSY Flash-Build PvP's again, this time in Pirate's Paradise! This will be an individual player event, ye can form teams but in the end There Can Be Only One >:D
The Date is Next Saturday, May 26, at 3pm Cubic Time.
The PvP Rounds are as Follows:
  1. 2:45-3:00pm: Registration (by bonking Guestbook. Guestbook will be CLOSED after Buyilding Round and if yer name ain't in it, ye cannot collect a prize!
  2. 3:00-3:10pm: 10 Minute Building Round- Flash will be turned on for 10 minutes, during which time ye may place fortifications, cannons, spikes, etc. Be Aware Anything Ye Place Will Be Placed In 1C Vends After for Recovery on Sunday May 27. Someone else may claim it. Don't Place Anything Ye Can't Afford To Lose!
  3. 3:10-3:25pm: 15 Minute FFA (Free-For-All) Round - Every Qbee for themself! All-?Out War on the main level of the realm. NO FIGHTING ON THE OBSERVATION DECK! 1 Life Only. At 15 minute mark, Any Survivors proceed to the next round.
  4. 3:30pm: Sudden Death Round - Survivors gather in the Big Ol' Arena O' Deathiness and fight it out in the Grand Finale to see who's got the Right Stuff!
Prizes are 500c First Place, 250c Runner Up. 100c #3rd Place.


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    Sorry i just broke a tooth and headed to Dentist! Need to postpone until Next Week!
  • Is this an event just for your clan or for anyone
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