Thank You cc! 3rd year anniversary!

Today was my Birthday! I came to tell all my achivements and how thankful i am to the cubic castles community! I never knew. By touching and downloading an app i never knew a game could change my life. Guide me trough circumstances and help me recover from stress moment, Cc was just not a game for me. I learned alot of things about me. I became very positive and helpful. I learned alot from cc. I made new friends and learned how to socialize! I cant express how much lucky i was to find such game. And not givving up and proceed and continued on playing it. i discovered so many peoples. i was also able to have sympathy. I am thankful for everybody who guided me trough and gaved me such good expieriences. Even though some of my friends quited. I am still thankful for the times we have spent. i just wanna say thank you everybody! And i wish you all good luck! And best hopes and wishes! I wish u guys the best years forever! :) <3 -Valy </b>


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