Cubic not working on IOS?

Sir. PixelSir. Pixel EnglandMember
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I just lost connection in game and when trying to go back in am confronted by a blank white screen, internet is working fine. Am on an IPhone 7


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    Try re-enter , I try in my mom's Iphone ,and it worked fine

    if it dont work, try contact support or reinstall cubic castles
  • Sir. PixelSir. Pixel EnglandMember
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    It’s working now, weird.
  • AuTiMaTICAuTiMaTIC Member
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    Its your magical powers
  • barbara_wbarbara_w Member
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    Noent said:

    It’s working now, weird.

    As i said many times everyone should trash their apple devices...xD
    No apple is bae <3
  • Bluejay_1Bluejay_1 Member
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    when I relog on apple it takes 10 seconds to get to the home screen.
  • Sir. PixelSir. Pixel EnglandMember
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    Okay, This may be closed.
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