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Hello! I'm Hrothgar and this is a Beginners Guide!

NOTE : This thread doesn't contain much about cubits but it does.

1. Starting Off
If you've just started playing, don't go jumping into business just yet! Mine up to Level 2 and don't pick the Mad Hatter perk.

Sure, you look cool, but you're closing off some opportunities (or delaying them.) You can buy one yourself later.

Focus on getting the Faster Mining and Carpenter perks.

You got the perks? Great! Now, decorate your realm to your liking.

After that, you'll have some quests given to you by the game. Do them! They're a lot of fun and they give you a lot of XP.

You've completed the quest? Great! Maybe you even picked up a new friend or two.

Assuming you're Level 5 now, you are ready to go into the material business!

[From my experience, people tend to ignore or manipulate level 5- players.]

Head on over to the mountain mine [Tinkerworld has 7 ish mountain mines]

and mine boulders. By mining boulders in the mountains you get stone, coal and boulders. The desert boulders drop stones only.

Assuming that you play for an hour, continue mining for 15 minutes.

Done? Great! Now with 15 minutes of mining you should have 500+ stones and 500+ coals along with 30+ cubits and a bunch of boulders.

Take the boulders back to your realm and break them till you're out of boulders.


Great! Now you have 600+ stones and coal!

Head over to the realm "Pen's Yard Rentals" or just advertise. Buy a cash register for 20 cubits and proceed.

When you're at Pen's rent yourself a rental spot where a fair amount of people walk. Rentals cost 10 cubits/hour.

Put your ores on display and sell them for

Stone - 10/c
Coal -15-20/c

and if you picked the Mad Hatter perk

Hat - 15-20c


Sold them? Awesome! You now probably have 70-100 cubits.

Spend some of it on your apparel and voila! You're a well-earning player in Cubic Castles!

I follow my own methods and earn 400+ cubits every day (if I'm lazy which I am.)

When I'm not lazy I earn 1000+ cubits.

Also, think of stone like this (gets you excited)

10 stones are a cubit.
100 stones are 10 cubits.
1000 stones are 100 cubits.
10,000 stones are 1000 cubits.

and they're easy to get.

Update! (Dec 15, 2017)

Hello again! I have some more minor tips for you!
Get ready to rent another rental.

Take some nice looking blocks like blue marble or diamond.
Rent your spot near the entrance so your rental is among the first they spot!

This is something I've learned that affects you. If you go to Pen's feeling bored or any negative emotion, you're more likely to quit.
But go in hopes of scoring big, nothing'll bring you down!

At Pen's there will be noob callers. Heck, you'll even get a kick out of them!
Just ignore them, they're not worth your time. It's like arguing with a tree. There's no profit $$$$$

If anyone tries to negeotiate or wants to trade something other than cubits, don't blow them off. You might lose a good offer.
Try to negeotiate in a formal manner. Superior-like.

Customer - 10c?
You - No, get out!


Customer - 10c?
You - how about 15c?
Customer - hmm...13c?

Accept it! It's only a matter of 2c!
Do not try to be greedy! You can still earn cubits.

This game isn't 'act first, think later'. Take your time.

That's it for now!
See you, or talk to you later!
(Feel free to change the category if I'm posting it wrong.)


  • Awesome , i feel bad when i see new players trying to earn cubits but dont know the right way.
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    Tip: Don't choose Thebes's mad Hatter. You'll regret it.
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    As I'm not very social, I did essentially this, but saved up my cubits to buy vending machines. I started with like three machines and put them on a single decorated level in my starter realm. I posted to the forums about my shop, and bumped my thread when I restocked. My shop has grown to over 25 machines on two levels, and I'm now in the process of building out a bigger realm (with an appropriate shop name) to be my new shop.

    I did get a jump start from someone who bought a bunch of dirt off of me using their cash register. That helped put me over the top to buy my first set of vends.

    With all the mining I was doing, I didn't start my shop until I was over level 15...but when you are mining a lot, you level up quickly (I want to say I was level 11 in about a day or two of 8+ hours of mining).

    Stone is a great resource that is always in high demand. I did some analysis and based on the recipes, I thought dyes and basic crafted items would be my key items to sell, but I was wrong. Any of the basic resources - ores, oil, and various blocks are always in demand. They don't get you big cubits like selling a single rare wearable item, but they provide a very consistent and ongoing income.

    Like the OP, I probably make ~500 cubits each time I refill my machines. I used to restock daily and sometimes multiple times a day (when I had a lot of inventory and a lot of customers regularly cleaning me out and more time to play the game), but right now with my schedule I can only refill them a couple of times a week as I can't get out to mine as much as I'd like (and I'm also doing other things in game like farming, practicing racing, using some of my own resources to build a new realm, etc). Even still, I have made enough with this method to be very comfortable (and able to purchase summer / fall packs) without having to purchase cubits (though I did purchase some to support the game/developers during the recent 1/2 price sales...as we all need to help fund the game so it will keep being here for us to play).

    It's not hard, it just takes some focused work. Actually, I find earning cubits in this game so much easier than trying to build up currency in other games. In game (if you don't have the means to purchase them), you get cubits from mining, completing the daily quests (50 cubits a quest), and from selling items.
  • never in my life have i gotten faster mining....
  • never in my life have i gotten faster mining....

    There are actually two to get, not just one. They do make a big difference.
  • I recently got faster mining II and now I get 1000+ stones every 15 minutes (including boulders).

    Faster Mining is essential if you're looking to start a materials business. It saves time and you don't get bored.
  • Bump! Added some minor tips.
  • Great Guide :D i got a bad start but yeh i got a good luck
  • Dr. Roger said:

    Great Guide :D i got a bad start but yeh i got a good luck

    Thank you!
  • bump

    i'm not making any c so you make it
  • Great guide!
    It is kind of sad of how many people get mad matter lol
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