What Did You Get From Pow Gifts?

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Tell me how many pow gifts you made/got, and what you got in total.

In 2 pow gifts, I got:

2 of those flower crown thingies
1 carrot hat
1 yellow rainbow block
1 purple rainbow block
3 spring paintings
1 Easter chest
2 chocolate eggs
Pow Gifts
  1. Were They Worth It?17 votes
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    2. No
  2. Were We Expecting More?17 votes
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    2. No
    3. I Was Expecting Less Actually
  3. Overall, How Was Easter In CC?17 votes
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    3. I Mean, It Was Alright
    4. Pretty Bad
    5. Terrible


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    In one pow gift, I got that flower hat (not the flower crowns), flower crown, 2 rainbow blocks (orange and yellow?), 3 paintings, one chocolate bunny. That's all what I got that I remembered.
  • IntimateIntimate Member
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    Do we get to grab the stuff if we Pop it, or is it for people nearby to grab?
  • Sir John GreySir John Grey Member
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    Intimate said:

    Do we get to grab the stuff if we Pop it, or is it for people nearby to grab?

    All people can get it.
  • medicationsmedications Member
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    4 pows =
    3lonely branches
    Rainbow blocks
    4 paintings (overall)
  • Alpha ZeroAlpha Zero Member
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    Ladybug wings, spring painting 1, some yellow rainbow blocks, and the Easter basket.
  • *MaryMoon**MaryMoon* Member
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    I got easter chests and that made all the dang egg collecting worth it!! I love those!!! Got Wings, hats from new n old packs both, a single rainbow block or two and a bunch of easter baskets.
    I think they did good with the pows!
  • 'ForgetMeNot''ForgetMeNot' Member
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    1 Flower hat thingy

    3 easter paintings #2

    1 easter painting #1

    1 yellow rainbow block

    1 choco bunny

    It wasnt worth the crafting in my opinion
  • - Vlad -- Vlad - Member
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