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Hello my fellow Qbees

I am epieownz and I have a vending shop and a shop:
The realm name of my shop is: epieownz's realm.
My normal shop is mostly out of use, but there are some vends with stuff like: all tools, forge, workbench etc...

You can enter the vending shop by walking into the portal to the right. (hint there's a sign on it, too. :P
You can also enter through the portal in: epieownz's resource vends

I have a storage with raw materials in storage: if u need to buy anything like stone, lava and rubber just ask
we would love to see u visit sometimes. If u want to reserve anything just ask, I can put them in vends if that's easier for you.

Vending shop

spider pet lvl 0 - 18k
cat level 49 - 15k
Black Hawaiian Shirt - 4k
Fake Krimpus - 3k
Red balloon - 9k
Easter Hat - 1200c
Purple scarf - 1250c
wig (green/blue aristocrat - 80 c
Blonde ducal wig - 90c
beach balls - 20c each (I have 400, buying them on request is possible)
common summer stuff - 150 to 200c
Red Wizard Hat - 200c
Fur Hat - 300c
skull head, robot head, frankenstein wig, Heart Hat- 200c
Pumpkin head - 250
Frankenstein head - 400
Mummy head - 500c
Mummy pants - 600c
zombie head - 1100c
Twobee head - 800c
Bunny Tail (set) - 200c
Bunny Ears (set) - 300c
Police Cap - 450c
High Hat - 600c
mrs santa skirt -1000c
Roman Helmet -1200c
mute bumper - 400c
santa hat - 200c
Purple Party Hat - 2k
Carrot nose - 500c
cat eye glasses - 200c
monacle - 200c

least fool's cap - 2,5
lesser Fool's cap - 4k
fool's cap 6k

Beany - 30c
Feather Hat - 50c
Left heart shirt - 50c
Yellow Party hats -125c
Top Hat - 15c (u can buy more if requested for 15c each, have loads)
wings - 100 to 120c each
wigs, wands, cash regs, robe, skirt, cowl tutus and a lot more

- black bombs 5c each,
- vending machines 375c each and mannequins 250c each
- cat 2k and dog 2k
- dork mobile 2k
- everything cheap that i can sell for a reasonable profit.

if u want to buy or sell or just hang out add me ingame: epieownz.


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