New optional update- larger egg visibility radius.

You can grab it now on all platforms.
We are also making big efforts to improve ios and android stability. We're tracking all crashes, as Google has changed their algorithims to feature the most stable apps.


  • LateCom said:

    yey! its finally here!
    is the glassed ones visible from afar?

    Yes, they are.
  • RarixRarix Member
    Thanks! lndeed a few days left until 1 April.
  • What is the new block visibilty radius for eggs?
  • Flooks said:

    What is the new block visibilty radius for eggs?

    roughly 3.5 blocks
  • CosmicCow said:

    Flooks said:

    What is the new block visibilty radius for eggs?

    roughly 3.5 blocks
    Okay thanks!
  • Thanks
  • Perfect <3
  • Thanks Cos for delivering! Prepare for a egg hunting blood bath >:D!
  • IntimateIntimate Member
    edited March 2018
    Thank you CC, I wasn't sure if I wanted to get the update since I had a good strategy. I did and because I have a widescreen monitor I changed from searching horizontally (rows) to vertical (columns). I start on the 4th column and move 7 then 8 then back to all 7. I end up on the 4th column so it works out great and seems to take a lot less time.

    EDIT: That is too hard to remember so I start on column 5 and move 7 each time ending on 5. BTW a BIG thanks because now I can detect eggs that are higher or lower that I am.
  • MedicationsMedications Member
    edited March 2018
    The Clan font is changed :O

    And also stage 2 and 3 egg's visibility is not working for me
    -now its working fine
  • HeybsHeybs Member
    edited March 2018

    it dont work well if you not touching the glass
  • OMG! Thanks so much for the update! I thought it would help somewhat...but it's AMAZING! I now see eggs on top of trees that I pass by, and it has made it so much easier to spot them from a bit of a distance. I'm currently challenged finding some of the rare eggs (clearly a RNG dry spell), but on the whole this has helped immensely! Also great to see the eggs in the vends now! Thanks so much for hearing our pleas and responding with this update! Y'all are the best!
  • LateCom said:

    anyone experiencing a problem where when you drag items out of your inventory to a chest or a trade window it suddenly just goes back to where it originally was, then into the respective place that you wanted it to be at?
    My connection is fine, i converse fine, its just that thats the problem after i updated steam.

    Is it some kind of delay when you put items on chest? Or on inventory like when your lagging, but you not really lagging? If so then Im one of you.
  • RarixRarix Member
    lt will end on April 1.
  • I can see the eggs more then 15 blocks away!
  • Hopefully those who had trouble in the past finding enough eggs to craft a Pow will have better luck. I know I have had more success and have found enough to craft an additional 6 Pows since the radius updates.
  • Just needed to say Thank You SOOOO much to the devs of the game for listening and expanding the radius!!! It really helps
  • I just found 3 Green & Brown eggs in a single mine, best mine ever.

    I see so many people wandering and hopping all over. Please take this time to look as I have described, it works well.

    Thank you @CosmicCow for my only opportunity to gain Cubits for now.
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