Android Games of 2017

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That year was the best year for android games! *androidgamedevs.

EVERY GAME had some sort of micro-transaction! :D

From pay-to-get-this-thing-you-can't-even-use-irl-like-ever or to disabling ADS.

Don't have gems to buy this rather marvelous! robot skin for your player? WELL! *flips table* BUY SOME VERY FAIR PRICED *$11 for 100,000g or 50...locks :))))))))))))))* GEMS!

Okay, 87% of Google Play was filled with Micro-Transactions.

But there was another 13% which chose the road opposite the yellow-bricked one which a fair few noble game developers chose to follow, seeing that the yellow one that gullible little girl took which was filled with subliminal messages about micro-transactions.

A lion, a tin man, a scarecrow who wanted their wishes granted had to journey to the game of Oz.

What the story didn't include was that the 4 didn't walk all the way, the guards wouldn't open the gates if they didn't fork over $5 each and that dem boots were "no refunds so get out" boots.

You read all that?

Please leave some names of good android games of 2017 so we close the gates of 2017 knowing there was some good android games left. Some...

I'm gonna go ahead and say

I know GTA VC, LCS and SA were all available on Android too but VC is best left with PC, LCS with the PS3 version and SA with PC or PS2.

GTA III is beautiful! I would share a screenshot but I'm afraid it might get deleted for the smallest detail.

Everything in this game is entertaining! Even walking lol. The running is uh...weird.

In most of the GTA games I've played, I always listen to the one and only Lazlow c:

Just an hour ago, I was sitting outside Luigis for ten minutes listening to Chatterbox for the wacky lines, guests and callers. I think there was a weird cameo from the future playable character Toni Cipriani lol.

Another thing is the Top-Down camera mode which feels like GTA 2. Fun! C:

I took a Taxi and drove to my safehouse to save and quit to play CC. An hour later, started up GTA III again and the taxi was still there! I'm not talking about the Garage.

I can't say much about the story YET.

Thank you C:


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