The rarity of fairy dust

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I went mining then was starting to think about it.
Purple dust is way too common...

So what is the most common dust and the least common?

And don't you dare answer I don't care to every single thing


  • l never thought about it, but probably there is no any common or rare or uncommon rarities.

    lt's a luck to get them. Randomly.
  • LiteRary said:

    l never thought about it, but probably there is no any common or rare or uncommon rarities.

    lt's a luck to get them. Randomly.

    Apparently purple was less common but my luck is weird. Thanks for commenting anyway..

  • Yeah, that's why i said luck indeed. Even i get same dusts 4-5 times in a raw. We'll see if there's someone knows about it.

    But, l'm sure there is no rarity.
  • For me blue dust is the most common and I would like to claim myself as a fairy aficionado. I avidly slay the fairy kind in the quest of seeking profit. Purple dust is rather finicky in that I can hunt for 2hrs and get only about thirty dust while on some days I can spend just thirty minutes to get the same amount of dust. What makes purple dust most frustrating compared to the other dusts is that it is the dust used most often for it is used to craft both versions of wands. I wish that the purple dust drop rate would be increased because I spend many hours seeking it. I am sitting on a massive stash of blue gems at 186, yellow gems 154, and red gems 96. No purple gems for they are just dust in the wind :O:
  • PURPLE DUST IS MOST COMMON FOR ME!! Wait it's yellow- no purple.
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    If there's a rarity thing, I've never noticed o-o
  • Purple dust is the one I need that I can never find. XD
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    I would say they all have the same chance but purple is in high demand because it is used 2x more. I have had to start buying the purple gems 12c each to get my hands on some xD
  • I believe that there is no difference in rarity between the 4 fairy dusts. On some days, I can get more purple, and on other days I get more yellow dust. It really is just the demand for the different colors that sets the price and the shortage. For example, Purple dust is the most expensive since it is used to make both harm wands and knockback wands. Red is pricier than blue and yellow dust since more Qbees simply prefer harm wands over knockback wands. In reality, the demand for purple dust is what makes it seem like there is a shortage of the supply.
  • So- there isn't any rarity system, just complete random.. I will be rich by the end of 15 minutes of hunting dust lol
  • Update:
    Purple dust is officially most common.
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