Happy New Year!!

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So all I wanted to say is Happy New Year to all of you guys and I wish for more excitement events this 2018 and have more players to come.



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    Happy New Years EVERYBODY!

    We had awesome moments, sometimes sad too. And now, it's 2018.

    l'm really sorry if i hurted someone. Even you forgive me, l won't forgive myself.

    lt's 2018...New year, new page. Right? =)

    l would talk more, but time is not enough.

    Have another best year!
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    Happy new year!
    its like life is a book and every year is 1 page with memories,and now its time to write 2018 :D
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    Not quite there yet, but Happy New Year! Hope you all have a wonderful year looking ahead and make safe as well as proper decisions with your life, as well as in-game to not get banned or muted. :D
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    Happy New Year!

    In portuguese: Feliz Ano Novo!! :D
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    Goodbye 2017! HELLO 2018!

    "I hope for more excitement, more surprises and discoveries. 2017 was disappointing. LETS GET TO IT!"
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