I need a refund I accedently bought the 200k pack instead of 500k

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Please refund this I accedently bought 200k instead of 500k


  • I suggest removing that picture with all your personal information, contact support about it
  • What’s the email?
  • you should remove this screenshot as soon as possible. this has a lot of personal information... remove it for your own safety please ;-;
  • pandaboo said:

    What’s the email?

    Contacting Apple's support also works, click "Report a problem" seen in the picture, make sure you don't spend the cubits
  • Yeah, this image can be easily found on google if you don't delete it. To be sure, Contact support to ask them to remove this image from their servers. Also, if you need a refund, contact support privately, they will contact you through emails.
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    I have removed the screenshot as it contained personal information, such as your email, which is preferable not to be shown publicly.
    For such issues, please contact support at http://help.cubiccastles.com/support/. Make sure you send them the transaction number and the rest of the purchase information. As Steven said, ensure that you do not spend any cubits if that is possible. I am sure, our Customer Support will try to help you with that. Good luck!
    Locking this up.
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