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As all of you know, in Cubic there are rich people, poor people, and the ones in-between. I suppose I classify as a rich person, and because of this I am constantly harassed by idiot noobs who complain about how they're poor and I'm not. I've had players hold it against me that I have the latest items and clothes and they can't afford them. How I must be a bad person because I'm rich. How I've "bought sooo many Cubits you don't know what to do with them". Well, listen up: I don't buy Cubits. The only time I ever bought any was a year ago; I bought the 20k pack and spent it all on a new 99x99 realm and a dark bottomless stamp. Everything else I have, I had to work for. I did not get it overnight, I have played this game for 3 years to get where I am now. I am a kind person, I do not look down on those of lower level or money amount. It is not my fault you are poor, and I'm sorry, but you have to work to get there if you're not willing to buy Cubits.
This brings me to something else: there is nothing wrong with buying Cubits. When you do, you are supporting the game developers, providing them the funds to keep working on this amazing game. Cubic Castles runs on online servers, which take a constant flow of money to keep up. If no one ever bought Cubits, the game would crash. As someone who is learning coding as a future game designer, I'll remind you that that money you spend does not go down the drain; it pays the people behind the game to keep creating.
I do not have any kind of "secret method" to obtaining Cubits, I most certainly didn't earn all of this overnight, and I wouldn't say it was easy, either. It just takes a while. But which is more important; the stuff you have or the friends you make? Is your definition of a "good time" in Cubic Castles just getting stuff? Don't be a consumer, be a giver this holiday season. At least for 1 month of the year, can you please forget about all the stuff you don't have and be content? Stop being angry at the people with high levels, patron symbols, and expensive hats. They either earned their stuff or paid for it with their own money. Either way, it wasn't free.
So I'm asking all of you to please remember that the amount of items you have is not everything. I'm sorry if you can't afford a penguin pet, but don't you have a meemew? Let him follow you around, and be your best friend. You don't have to be a millionaire to enjoy yourself, inside or outside of Cubic Castles.

Merry Christmas, all players of Cubic Castles! <3


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    "You don't have to be a millionaire to enjoy yourself." Someone put that on a t shirt!
  • yah. recently I did a holla that I buy rares and I have 130k to spend, only because people with good items to sell only come if I say I have enough c to buy those, and then noobs come and beg for crazy amounts of c (one asked for 30k), and I had those golden things around my name and people asked me why I buy c, even though I did tap joy offers, and they speak as if buying c is a bad thing.
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    JackFury... This is one of the best the threads I have seen. And it is so true, it gets really annoying when players beg me to sell things to them for a really bad trade (example candy cane for top hat)
    Everybody who has lots of cubits either worked hard in game or worked hard out of the game to earn cubits/buy cubits. Also the part where you said friends is more important than money is SO true. When you quit the game your cubits and rares won’t do anything but when you build and make good friends you’ll leave the game with good memories. :)
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    Yeah I can't stand people who have a go at players for buying cubits.
    We paying customers are literally paying for the servers they are playing on.
    If no one paid for cubits this game wouldn't be able to keep running.
  • Preach. Currently haven’t bought cubits but as soon as I won the raffle people began calling me ‘Pay2Win’ when I wore the umbrella... despite the fact I am not a patron.
  • Someone (you know who you are) made fun of me for buying cubits on SirKewberth's Daughter's Birthday "cubit special" or whatever it was called. I bought $100 of cubits worth to support that new life, and I was made fun of for that, all because I didn't work "hard" for them. Actually, I did. I got a summer job in real life to pay for them. So people who say supporters like me, are "pay-to-win losers", really need to start appreciating people *US* who support the devs in any way possible.

    Jack, it really doesn't matter if you bought cubits or earned them. People won't believe you regardless of what you tell them. I have tried telling people for ages that I was a free-to-play player, but that is untrue, as I bought with gift cards in the past, but ALMOST EVERYTHING I own has been hard earned. Just tell people to mind their own business, Jack. :P
  • I really don't understand why money matters so much. If one has really gotten to the point where they have to go begging at players that actually work, that's sad.
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    People don’t say stuff to me, maybe it’s because I Giveaway a lot or something lol. But yeah, a lot of people have this problem.
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