Step-By-Step ~ How To Draw a Wing of a Dragon- Easy! (MORE TO COME!)

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I decided to make a guide on how to draw different things easily using simple steps. Try it! :P
I drew digital, but that's only because its easier to make a guide that way. You can do it digital or on paper.
I also plan to add other guides here too (guides as to draw different things)

Draw a hill or slope.

Add another on top of that one. Make sure where the red arrow is is round, for its nose.

Now add the line for its mouth. Under that, add another line for the jaw. Notice this line goes up at the end, where the red arrow points.

Now add a bit more lines. You'll add the back of its neck/head, which will follow the edge of your paper. Now at the end of the jaw, add a line. A bit further over add another, for the end of its neck. These two will be the belly/underside part, as you probably know :P

Now bolden all of your lines, besides the one you first drew in the beginning. That one was only a marker. NOTE: You might think that line is pointless, but don't erase it yet!

You're done - the rest is up to you! If you are stuck, here are some ideas to add: Eye - Horns - Nostrils - Spikes - Belly lines - Color - Bold the lines. If you are still wondering why the line is there, you use it to draw where the spikes will be or where the center of his head is. If you want some more help or ideas, be free to PM me or comment. I'll be happy to help!

Using the steps, I drew this ^


Before I start, getting the wing on a dragon is extremely tricky. The lines and distance between things have to be just right.
Draw the top of the wing.


At the bottom of the wing I have no idea what it's called, but you probably know. The curves I think? On this wing, we'll do 3. Draw the first one.


Now draw the second one. This is important what position it is in. Make sure, instead of just normally sideways, it goes down v.


Add the third. Start going to the right and top, to meet at the corner.


You're done! Bolden the lines and add the bone lines which go to each point on the wing. For more realistic stuff, don't make them straight - add some wave to them.

More to come! If you want to request one, you can PM it or comment! Also, if you want to, you can share what you drew using the steps and if they helped you or not :P Thanks!


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