CC Artists Icon Competition! Winner- Pimydd!

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Thanks to everyone for participating! The winner is @Pimydd :D

I reached the goal of 20 people on the CC Artists discord server! :D
Now we shall have a little competition for the icon of the server!

Theme: Something that represents CC artists? (SOMETHING THAT CAN BE A MASCOT FOR OUR ARTISTS (no it doesn't have to be a qbee, preferably something else lol))

To be able to take part in the competition you must be part of (or join now!) CC Artists discord server.

The winner of the competition will get 4300 cubits!!!!!!!!!! (much love to xXBadWolfXx, Professional Killer, and Miwky for donating :3333) and my love!!!!!!

Post the artwork either here or in your gallery on the server (if you haven't made one yet, ask me)

Artwork has to be uploaded in a square shape thing uhhh you get what I mean :'D

Deadline is Oct 7 12:00 PM CC time


  • scorto7scorto7 BelgiumGame Moderator
    I rarely do this kind of stuff, but here is my thing i slapped together.

    I also have the xcf file(gimp format) if you like to customize it yourself.
  • Ooooh it looks good :0
    No worries about giving me additional files ^-^
  • Not the best but worth a try
  • yooos snowy :D

    Update: Wolfie just added in 300c to the prize so now the winner will get 800c :D

  • i made something beautiful :'D
  • Here's mine, I'm not that used to digital art but I did what I can (/o.o)/ \(o.o\)

  • QbirdQbird Member
    edited October 2017
    kurt... said:

    Here's mine, I'm not that used to digital art but I did what I can (/o.o)/ \(o.o\)

    I wasn't ready for something that beautiful.
    I'm sure you could be a digital designer
  • kurt... said:

    Here's mine, I'm not that used to digital art but I did what I can (/o.o)/ \(o.o\)

  • eagence said:

    First Try ^^ , Probably the last try too ^^
    (there is also one without flowers in files...)

    Credits to Developers
    looks wonderful!!
  • bump! Proffy has thrown in 1500c to the prize money, so the amount has risen up to 2300c! tytytytytyty <3

    Also a reminder that the deadline is Oct 8 (4 days from now)!
  • Professional KillerProfessional Killer GreeceForum Moderator, Retired Moderator
    You're welcome. :3
    Good luck to everyone!
  • !!!!
    Miwky bub has added 2k to the prize money so the total is now 4300c! Give some love to Miwky too!!!!!
    Deadline is October 8 (3 days from now)!

    Icon will be voted by discord members!
  • second entry. I don't know if it's too big or wut. you can add a bg if you want

  • edited October 2017

    I'm not proud of this one

  • I'm not proud of this one

    oooo it's cool! Btw what's your name on the art server just so I know that it's you
  • Thanks to everyone for particpating! The winner is Pimy! He will be getting his 4.3k ^^
  • Yaay!!
    Thanks for voting for my icon everyone!
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