Averange Crops Price?



  • But if someone get eggplant would sell it 1k-2k each and if wheat would sell it 4k-6k each i think. :P
  • Can you all please explain how you arrive at these prices? What is a recube worth in cubits?
  • All seeds are worth half of what the crop costs. (my opinion)

    100c:1rc - my own value, but Luca seems to be saying the same thing basically. :)
  • berapaan hayoo
  • Average Price will keep changing, pretty much going down as more recubes are readily becoming available. I think the average right now is about 100c per whatever plant per recube. Tomatoes 100c, potatoes, 200, corn 400c.....
    But its gonna keep dropping... So if ur sellin do it now. If ur buyin, thats up to you
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