Player Maturity.

Cubic Castles is a fun game; however, some of the players make it seem like the worse game ever. I went to correct a guy named DiegoGamer870 at pens yard rentals because he was overpricing 5x5 rooms for 200c each. I suggested he lowered the price for fairness of the other players who didn't know they could go to the cubic store and get the same thing for 150c: sure it's only a 50c ripoff but that isn't my problem. My problem is him and his friends at the rentals started teaming up on me calling me a noob and using offensive language towards me saying, " you're just jealous af because... etc." No, no I'm not jealous just disappointed in the way they treat others. Maybe the golden rule should be more applied to this game. I don't like being treated poorly when all I was trying to do was: look out for the other players.


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