[RESOLVED] Distiller, Extractor & Forge dosn't work anymore in our Realm ?

NaelysNaelys Member
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Since a couple of day (maybe when the farm update came out, we didnt use it until today), all our forge, distiller and extractor dosnt work anymore in our realm. We have try to put it somewhere else, to change it for new, nothing work.

We had the same problem when the summer pack came out, our distiller stop to work, but when we had change it of place it came back to normal, but now nothing work.

I search on the forum, but i havent find anything about it, sorry if the problem was already in it.

The reaml is : =IVC= Store if someone can come see that.


  • UU Member
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    I'm coming!
  • KazmitchKazmitch Member
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    Help :'( Help :'(
  • WuffyWuffy Member
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    That's weird, Everything works properly in my realm.
  • NaelysNaelys Member
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    Everythings work in ours others realms, but in this realm only nothing work.
  •  gdog gdog Retired Moderator
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    Do you have lots of bushes or floating items in that realm?
    If so you will need to do forging somewhere else.
  • NaelysNaelys Member
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    Yes we have a lot of floating item...

    Well, if it's the problem, we'll see what we can do with that.
    It's really not pratical but if we have no other choice. =(

    Thanks for your answer Gdog.
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