Why there was a server restart

The reason why there was a server restart was because of how there was a craft max glitch, where you could click the craft max button as frequently as you want when crafting watering cans. This granted the user XP for every registered craft max button hit, and they were able to do so as fast as they wanted.

So, if you're still confused, this is a video that I originally asked my friend, @Mr.Wolfstyle [Officer] to send to the developer, Kewberth: Btw, this was uploaded before the glitch was fixed. This is simply a reupload because it was originally placed on my personal account so I moved it to this CC themed YouTube. Shameless advertising!

Anyways, the main reason why I made this discussion is to just talk about why there was a server restart. Now the glitch is patched, but they made the craft max for watering cans very slow. I hope they polish it up and make it the same as when you do craft max on clothing, which for whatever reason isn't broken. Thank you for listening to my bible.


  • The glitch / issue with these can really must be fixed. I hope Admins will fix it. Because many people will use it! @CosmicCow
  • No, it was already fixed. I'm just regarding why there was a server restart, and this was the reason why.
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