BUYING All Trunks 5/c (need 200k ;-;)

You've heard me, I need all the trunks you have, any kind. :)


  • Do u still buy trunks?
    If u do come to my shop (Cats Dreams Mini Shop) I sell alot.
  • Feel free to visit my shop also (b3achysphere). I typically sell them for 6/1c. They are on the second vend level which is through the door at the end of the first vend level. I try to restock daily, though some days are busier than others, so it's often late at night EDT or super early in the morning, right now.
  • I have 5000 palm trunks,i'll add you :)
  • sorry for the late reply, I was super busy. Add me, and I'll visit your store :)
  • bumparoos :)
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