Tedious Crashing (Game is unplayable)

So, I reinstalled the game multiple times. Nothing works. Once I click play, after about 2 seconds it crashes and gives me the error. It's so annoying. I get that I should send a support ticket, but this really doesn't make any sense. I was just fine previously, yet now it does this.

I hope it is fixed after a couple more reinstallations but I can only hope.

(These errors require tons of CPU usage as well, for whatever reason).

Remember that these happen about 5 SECONDS after I click play.

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  • SirKewberthSirKewberth EdenForum Administrator, Forum Moderator, Game Developer
    This is abnormal. There must be something specific going on here with your system. Support ticket is right. Please send them your specifications (what kind of computer etc..) and where the crash is happening. Is it always int he same realm? Always when you chat? etc.. anything you noticed.
  • Shou KunShou Kun Anime WorldMember
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    ^^ i Usually experience this and i just open then crash i do it almost 10x then i will hopefully works but if u already Tried this thing Maybe U Must Contact The Support Usually they Will Reply Within 24-48hrs: http://help.cubiccastles.com/support/

    @SirKewberth When i Experience this i Usually Force Close the Game And it Crash many Times When i Open it
  • Well, I can't describe my PC as it's a custom built and specifications on my setup shouldn't affect the game. It's not happening in a specific realm, it practically happens everywhere. On good runs I get about 20 seconds of gameplay and then it crashes once again. I will send a support ticket but for now I'll just list my specifications here so you can take a look: i7 6700, MSI GTX 1050 ti, 700w PSU, Z170A MSI Gaming M7, CoolerMaster Hyper T heatsink.

    (If you're wondering why I didn't list peripherals, PC case, monitor and etc it's because they shouldn't affect the way the game is running.)

    I digress. I'll be sending a support ticket now on my claims and hopefully it gets resolved by tomorrow.
  • @SirKewberth This is happening cause of spamming water can click many times, But some players are able to crash that with them, And some are not, Sometimes i crash my self, But i just gave more memory to cc use and it stopped really. "Water will save us, But it will hurt us when we cage it" - me cus idk... lol
    i love crashing people! no jk another glitch found GLITCH TEAM ASSEMBLE!
  • Yes, thank you for finding it out. Now you can abuse it on me and then make me suffer a terrible time of playing Cubic Castles xD

    Okay I'm joking, but really thank you for finding out the cause. This is still ridiculous though. It never happened to me before doing that, and now I'm curious to explore.
    Anyways, you can close this discussion now because we've found the issue. It's not resolved, but at least I know why this is occurring.

  • CosmicCowCosmicCow Member
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    Can you get on and play now, @Hoxis ?
  • Yes, after the server restart I believe everything has been fixed. Thank you for the fast service. At first I thought it was because I found the watering can glitch on my alternate account, Harrison Ye. Yes, I am the one who made the video with Wolf regarding that XP farm issue. I'd say a small community clearly gives many benefits to it's players as well :P
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