Sort of Game Breaking Bug

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When you craft max watering cans, it allows you to craft one INSTANTLY. And, you can make plenty in under 5 seconds.
This is extremely game breaking and will make levelups much easier.


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  • Oh my and it did spill out, I think that bug report section is really nothing helping cause people see and abuse it as in instructed ^^^^Above^^^^. that should go all on pm in my opinion, well anyways good backing me up there (not exacly) i report bugs like benefiting bugs over pm and i recommend that for you too cause IT is game breaking as you do say and you give instructions on it and people can just enter here read and go do it till it isnt patched, man i recommend editing this thread to prevent more abuse i already pm'd @SirKewberth and will pm video proof too cause me and my friend recorded it.
    This is my request to you man, Edit this post so it dont instructs people how to do it cause you spread the game break by doing that really, Dint meant to be mean by that in anyways, Just trying to put in the situation, So i really would be thankfull to prevent more abuse.
  • Yes. That will reveal the whole bug and make other people abuse it. As my friend stated above, he is clearly correct. A PM is the best way to go, unless it's something minor that you've found.
  • I tried it, it was really weird
  • it's because craft max is wrong with watering cans, it should craft as many cans as possible but instead it crafts 1. I believe this is because of how they fixed the giant watering can bug they didn't take into account making it so it actually crafts max.
  • We have added the cooldown for Craftmax as well and restarted the server. Please let me know if there is anything outstanding here.
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