Big Birthday Bash!

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Athena Shy's Birthday!!!

This will be the 3rd year that I am hosting my Birthday Bash here on Cubic Castles. For those of you that have not attend one yet, I will give a description of what to expect this year. There will giveaways, a raffle, and a bunch of free events with prizes. Everyone is invited and the Bash will be an all day thing. Some of the events will be recorded and posted to YouTube.

When: July 29th, All Day
Where: Play House (Realm Name)
What: Birthday Party
Who: Athena Shy


There are several Prize Dispensers placed throughout the realm
that are accessible to anyone, filled with random prizes
from the Cubic Store & Holiday Packs.


There will be a raffle at the end of the day with the item
Chick Coop as the prize. To enter the raffle simply bonk
the Guest Bumper located right behind the entrance door.


Free Pick-D-Block game with
both Holiday Items and Clothing.

Door Game:

Make your way through several fun
trivia doors to the Prize Dispenser at the end.

Christmas in July:

Christmas decorated area with
Yuletide Holiday Pack items and Clothing prizes.


Fun & easy parkour with
Cubic Store items Prizes.


Several matches with
1st, 2nd, 3rd and participants Prizes.

Bomb Game:

Several matches with
1st, 2nd, 3rd and participants Prizes.

Seeker Door:

Find all 40 seekers to unlock the seeker door to earn Prizes


Forums Event Raffle:

Write a short birthday letter here to enter
the Birthday Forums Raffle. There will be 3 winners.

1. Reindeer Pet
2. Snowman Pet
3. MewMew Pet

Entered in Forums Raffle:

Aj Baryza
Sir John Grey



  • Dear OlderJadabug,
    Happy birthday, I promise to deliver the oats, sister. I wish to win a pet I already own cause you killed Moo. Have a good birthday party even though i'ma be there.
    Love, YoungerJadabug.
  • Happy Birthday Athena! :)
    Your name suits you because you seems really shy in-game xD
    You're one of the very generous players I met. :P
    Best wishes and more blessings for you irl and in-game :D
  • Happy birthday!
    there is more im gonna say:
    May you have the best birthday of history
    Am I writing a story?

    Best regards, Kewbic
  • Wandering FoxWandering Fox Member
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    To the one they call Athena Shy,
    "I don't know you too well, but something about your name on Youtube rings a bell...
    I now remember who you are...and in this event, I believe you're the star...
    I don't quite remember you, Shy, but something just glitters in your eyes...
    I didn't enter for the prizes, but in hope that everybody...

    ...brings you memorable birthday surprises..." - DexterTheFox

    To wish you lots of joy and fun!

    I will be sure to wear my finest atire to this memorable event. Happy birthday, Athena, and to many more!
  • valleyvalley Member
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    Happy Birthday Athena, have an amazing day and look forward to all the memories there is to come! You've been an inspiring aspect to the community and we will never forget your generosity, it's wonderful to see you giving back on your birthday, may you have fun! Once again, happy birthday :)
  • Athena, check your requests :3
  • Happy birthday athena!

    (idk what i have to say)
  • Happy birthday Athena,

    I hope you have a very good birthday. You've been a great help and have contributed to this community for what seems like forever. I hope I could make it, but in all honesty I don't think I can because today is also my nan's birthday as well! Happy days :D

  • Space_FetusSpace_Fetus Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
    dear athena
    wishing you all the best for your birthday day
    eat lots of cake and have fun
    while i am working... yay
    i will try to see you when i am done
    so make sure you save me a piece of the fun.
    here is too many more great years to come
    just dont eat too much cake
    and feel sick in your tum :D
  • SuperxtremeSuperxtreme The NetherlandsGame Moderator
    Happy Birthday Athena! :)
    And have fun today! :D
  • Happy birthday!
    I hope you have a wonderful day. Don't consume too much cake :v
  • Ks.Ks. Member
    Happy Birthday
    Wish i can attend but the time zone ;-;
  • b3achyb3achy Member
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    Happy Happy Happy Birthday. Hope to participate in some of your awesome sounding fun activities! (It will be my first mini-event here on CC as I'm still a bit of a noob). What a great way to celebrate your special day by giving back to others! May you bask in being the center of attention today, and may you have a wonderful day of fun and happiness!

    ETA: So, what time does the party start? Have stopped by three times today, but it looks like it hasn't started yet. Dropped a few things on the donation table, just in case I can't make it back. If I miss it, hope you have a great and wonderful party!
  • LumainLumain Member
    Happy Birthday Athena!

    I just wanted to thank you for helping me out when I started playing CC.
    It inspired me and made me want to return the favor by helping others too :)
    I hope you enjoy your day, and have lots of fun!

    ~Skylander13 // Luke Nash
  • To Athena,
    Happy birthday!
    I hope your birthday is filled with joy~
    I'd just like to say that you have done a ton for the CC community!
    You've helped out many people in need;
    you are a big helping hand in our community.
    Thanks for being here, I'm sure it means lots to everyone C:
    I wish that you get good presents and that the cake is at least edible
    but it's better if it tastes good. Bonus points if it's a cookies & cream
    ice cream cake.
    Best birthday wishes -
    Missilence ❤️
  • "Athena Shy, a new friend to me, this moment really fills me with glee.
    A nurse's cap, a scarf of orange and red, I see all the good deeds you have lead.
    This Birthday Bash is your 3rd, it's for a special someone, I've heard.
    Athena Shy, this poem is ending, but on this special day, remember...

    ...your wounds are mending..."

    -DexterTheFox ♥
  • Athena ShyAthena Shy In TheTimMan's arms! Member
    This will be starting in about an hour!
    Thank you for all the birthday wishes!
  • Dear Athena,

    You're a kind angel, continue to glow! :)
    Thank you for all the awesome events
    Thank you for your kindness
    We all hope you have the best birthday!

    Lots of hugs,
  • Minister9Minister9 Member
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    ~Dear Athena~

    I wish you a happy birthday... Hope you find this ear the best one yet :)

    I am very happy that you have done this amazing event...

    We are all very lucky to have you

    Happy birthday Athena

    You are:

    A qbee

    A very good friend

    The coolest person I've met...

    We are all very proud you are well and happy :)


    May you have a very happy birthday,
    A party with family and friends,
    Filled with fun,
    The kind of joy that never ends even when things get though...


  • Athena Shy, I am having internet issues at the moment and may miss part of the Birthday Bash. I am so sorry...
  • b3achyb3achy Member
    Wow, thanks so much to you (Athena Shy), Jadabug and Xx_TPM258_xX (Mudkip) for running a great party! That was a very amazing experience. And thanks so much for your generosity on your birthday, Athena Shy! Loved the games - trivia, seeking (though I had to restart a number of times after being bounced out of the room a few times - especially after getting pulled into and then killed in the PvP arena), and even the parkour course (and that took also a lot of tries for me as I'm horrible at it and kept falling off the clouds, but I got to the end - woo hoo!). Impressed how well y'all handled the Pick a Block as all those folks were giving me a headache and I was just mostly watching. You folks are an amazing part of this community and true givers! I left with many wonderful party favors (my first tutu!!). So awesome!

    Thanks again for a lovely experience at my first real community event! And most of all - Happy Happy Happy Birthday, Athena Shy!
  • Bluejay_1Bluejay_1 Member
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    Dear Athena, welp have a good birthday and a good year til next. I hope u have a great birthday. I don't know you but I know Jadabug so you must be special :) p.s sorry I missed the party but I didn't miss the day XD
  • edited July 2017
    Hello Athena! I always heard good things about you :) You are awesome and kind, along with Jadabug ;) You guys keep being helpful to players. Have fun! And Belated HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, Athena Shy!

    Love lots,

    Cubic Game Master2
  • Athena ShyAthena Shy In TheTimMan's arms! Member
    Thank you all!

    I randomly generated some names to choose.
    Cubic Vappy won the in game raffle for the chick pet.
    b3achy, Missilence and Valley won the forums raffle, please contact me in game to pick up your pets. ♥
  • edited August 2017
    Ops sry for being late

    Dear athena the lovely qbee full with love,
    thx for bringing all those fun for others (although I didn't participate in xD)
    Well it's rare to see anyone organising such a big event right now...

    And of course.... Happy Birthday Athena! Wish you had a good time!

    (Late birthday wish xD)
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