Item suggestion!

So my suggestion is kinda weird but what about we add phones in cubic castles? So we can contact each other instead of TP-ING. This would be Real-Life ish .3.


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    idk about phones but being able to private message someone who is in a different realm would be good although game staff would probably get spammed so maybe friends only.
  • +1 e.e its so hard to tp to friends with bad internet
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  • I don't like it. Seems like way too much work for developers too.
    tp'ing is fine imo.
  • valleyvalley Member
    So sort of like a pm??
  • @Portana Geez, I'll be like *IPhone in my hand* Selfie Time! @.@ *Takes many Selfies* xD. +1, It could be nice just as an item just like the baloons, Texting and things seems too complex for Devs.
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